we're extremely minor celebrities!

it's fun to arrive in town and be on the cover on the paper. yesterday was a very long day of travel featuring the announcements of the extra-perky amphetamine-fueled westjet staff. it's nice to be here. we're being really well taken care of by the autovaudevillians, and there's a lot to do. last night, we went to the beginning of film pop. we arrived just in time to watch most of "burn to shine" - a beautiful film in which chicago bands play in an old house before it gets demolished. the demo scenes are monstrous. we also saw 500-pound planet, a fantastic surreal claymation short featuring bizarre rituals, driving around, breaking up, and lots of gooey wormy things.

we just finished playing a yearning, writhing mass for the autovauders. tonight is our screening at theatre national, we're nervous.

you can read our big article at the montreal mirror.



Hi from Montreal.

We're here.

After surprisingly alright rides on all the trains and buses, we're here. We're almost returning to our natural shape again after some curry with the autovaudevillians at their studio. Montreal is fun so far. The people are really nice, the food is not granola bars, and the people, who are nice like i said, speak french.

The autovaudevillians are extra nice (but not very francais, so far). They are this minute taping their new feature which will screen this weekend at the festival. So after greeting us and giving us the tour, they've taken off their pants, climbed into their gorilla suits and dresses, and umm, and i dunno what they're doing. It looks fun though.

I'm hoping to sleep a bit now, and explore montreal tomorrow.

I'm very happy to be here.




We're on the train!

Or at least two of us are. Professor University and Mr. Pants are on our way to Chicago where we'll head to Schenectady and up to Montreal to meet nerdgirl, Monster and J.D. for our first screening on the 30th of September at FilmPop.

Thanks to all the people who helped to get us here! You are good hard workers! Hooray for you.

This tour is great. I love living like this. As exciting as it is to be on the road (er, tracks), traveling is actually quite a lot of sitting around. The highlights of our day today include laying on cold stone slabs in a small park in front of the train station in Everett Washington (waiting for the train), making up jokes (while waiting for the train), and... waiting for the train.

Now that we're on the train, it's a lot of waiting for it to stop. Then waiting for it to go. Sometimes, we get up and walk around a bit, or we say "ooh, that's pretty," or make small talk with the elderly couple across the aisle.

Not that it's boring - we're having a great time. We came up with a fun list of things to tell people when they ask why we're going to Schenectady. Here's some. The formula goes:

"Where you headed?"
"Uh-huh, and watcha doin' there?"

"I play bass for the Mamas and the Papas. We're on tour."

"I'm going to work for the Pope. Ya - he moved. You didn't hear?"

"I'm starting a sanctuary for animals injured in the Central American conflict. I should be pretty busy."

"Who said anything about Schenectady?"

"I'm going to spread the news of the World Wide Web."

"I'm a missionary. I'm starting a vaccination hut."

"Actually, I'm going to Chicago. See, I got drafted to play for the Bulls this season, and this here's my manager. I just gotta stop in Schenectady for some, um... unfinished business you might say."

"There's a Wal-Mart there, it's the only one I haven't been to yet."

"I'm a primatologist."

"I'm in plumbing - going to flush out their bayous."

"Sale on Q-Tips."

There were more, but I don't remember them. It's a fun game, though. If you think of any, let us know.

A content, if somewhat contorted,

Mr. Pants.



it's getting closer

We're nearing the start of our trip, which is pretty exciting. There's still lots left to do, but it's getting done. Stay tuned for our notes from the road. Thanks!