we're extremely minor celebrities!

it's fun to arrive in town and be on the cover on the paper. yesterday was a very long day of travel featuring the announcements of the extra-perky amphetamine-fueled westjet staff. it's nice to be here. we're being really well taken care of by the autovaudevillians, and there's a lot to do. last night, we went to the beginning of film pop. we arrived just in time to watch most of "burn to shine" - a beautiful film in which chicago bands play in an old house before it gets demolished. the demo scenes are monstrous. we also saw 500-pound planet, a fantastic surreal claymation short featuring bizarre rituals, driving around, breaking up, and lots of gooey wormy things.

we just finished playing a yearning, writhing mass for the autovauders. tonight is our screening at theatre national, we're nervous.

you can read our big article at the montreal mirror.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH MAH GAWD.... look at that fabulous photograph!!! looks amazing everyone... im thinking about ya'll on yer travels and sending love, laughter and many drinks your way. love love chris

8:52 AM  
Blogger muffy larue said...

well, we had this great photographer...

11:27 AM  

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