cockroach magik

it's always been a fantasy of mine to take over an old theatre and fix it up for shows, so our second screening in philadelphia was really fun for me. we were in "cockroach magik" - a closed down movie theatre slated for demolition. there was all this cinematic detritus strewn around - cardboard cutouts, popcorn bags, marquee letters, rows of seats. during the movie, we went upstairs and watched from the projection booth, surrounded by dusty rolls of film. i felt like a pilot. i noticed that in philly, the questions were more about process and less about porn. i guess that's to be expected, given who attended. we got asked how our film supported or challenged stereotypes about consensus, which gave us pause for thought. (and, as always, people asking if we were realeasing bikesexual. pervs.)

after the screening we went with some lost film festers to an ethiopian bar to watch each other's mouths move while the restaurant tested the effects of extreme high volume west african pop songs on drinking behaviour. we kept sneeking over to turn down the volume, and then it would slowly climb back up from loud to teeth-rattling. good times were had by all. i think we should try playing the movie that loud and see if people just stay and buy beer anyways.



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