Dispatches from the Lost Film Fest

Hello all from Philadelphia.

It's been rainy, rainy, rainy and fun here in the city of brotherly love. We had a screening on Friday that was well attended, and we had a very lively and interesting q&a afterwards. The Venue we're screening in is a lovely space called The Rotunda, where we're projected onto a huge wall behind a theatrical stage for folks in chairs and curled up on the floor. It's a pretty cool sight, and to top it off, there's a radical 'vegan cupcake brigade' that keeps showing up with the best carrot cake ever for folks (mostly me) to eat. (it's really easy to be a vegan in philadelphia. people here have kept me stuffed full of wonderful treats since i arrived.)

We've caught some great films, too. Notably: Still We Ride, a documentary about critical mass in NYC and the arrests of cyclists there, and The Winking Circle, a great, great movie about a cool group of people in Uxbridge Ontario. We bought a copy of The Winking Circle to screen for movie night, but both are definitely worth checking out. Plus, the filmmakers are very very nice.

When we're not at the film fest, we've been having a cool time wandering around Philly, checking out Professor U's old houses and haunts, and generally acquainting ourselves with the nice folks who live here. We toured Vortex and Not-Squat/Cindergarden, both of which are really cool group houses where PU used to live, and we had a lovely feast made in our honour last night at Rachel's house (I don't know the name), which featured some of the best soup I've ever had. People just kept showing up there throughout dinner, coming in out of the pouring rain for some food and company. It was like a really neat spontaneous party full of the nicest people you've ever met. Very fun.

We have another screening tonight with LFF here in Philly, and at the same time we're screening in DC, where J.D. Superstar is representing us solo at the Brian Mackenzie Infoshop. From here, we all meet up in Baltimore tomorrow, at the local infoshop, Red Emma's. Tuesday we're off to Pittsburgh, and Wednesday we make our long pilgrimage to Toronto, which I'm especially excited about, since that's where I know some people and I don't have to ask my way around so much.

Everything is going swimmingly with us; I hope the same is true for you all.


mr. pants.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey check it out!

you can comment!

you could be all like "hey friends, we miss you and we read tour blog all the time for snippets of information about our loved ones!"

or you could say "hi - thinking of y'all!"

or "i saw this cool spider and it reminded me of the time we went swimming at o'dooles back home... surf's up, rugby-roo!"

you know, the possibilities, they're endless.

i'm just sayin...

you know,

it could be cool...

you never know....

10:01 AM  
Anonymous ains said...

I really enjoy this statement, "These people are heroes and their work is inspirational." I can't agree more.

miss you all.


oooh. i think my nanna will be at the toronto premier.

2:58 PM  

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