greyhound magik

we're on the bus from baltimore to pittsbrugh, and my knees hurt. i've discovered the downfall of being a small person on the bus: you don't get as cramped up as the tall people. but your feet don't quite touch the ground, and so the weight of your legs and feet just hangs off your knees for hours. it occurs to me as i type this that i could lose about 10lbs of this weight by taking off my boots. maybe i'll try that.



Blogger cobber said...

hey kids!!

internet on the bus..impressive! well it sure sounds like you guys are having lots of fun and meeting plenty of nice people. i couidn't think of a better group to send out to represent our little community. congrats on all the goodness that is coming your way...im sure all you hard work is paying off in ways you never imagined!! looking forward to the next update
keep having fun..
lots of love cobber

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