New York City

Hey all. We're here in NYC, having super-fun. We've spent most of our time so far walking around the East Village and the Lower East Side in Manhattan. And last night we went to a dinner-party in Brooklyn with some friends. It's weird being in NY, around every corner is some landmark that hs cultural significance for us, whether it's a place we heard about on TV or the Hare Krishna tree. I walk around grinning all the time, because it's somehow just funny to be here.

Today we're walking around to do some touristy stuff and then going to a broadway show. Here's some pictures from the last couple of days.

Monster tossing flower petals at the base of a tree where one of the founders of the modern Hare Krishna movement had his all important epiphany. (For more info try here: hinduism.about.com.)

A stylish picture of the 7 Ave. Subway stop in Brooklyn.

Ya, I know these pictures aren't much. We'll post some more later.

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Blogger Carceraglio said...

We love you guys. Signed, Seattle Research Institute.

PS, "We," by which I mean I, just sent you a long fan letter. And I am telling all my Seattle & Portland friends to go to your Vancouver screening.

2:26 PM  

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