oh my gawd it's amazing

i love it here. this is radical. 'ow do you say... montreal es le power-party-people. comprend?

where do i start?

saturday i woke up early and had a great breakfast from a portuguese vegan bakery. i came back and we all did some publicity work and saw some great films - among them 'high life' by our friend and fellow filmmaker lila yomtoob, starring our friends sharon and michael, who were all here for it. then we went dancing at casa da popolo where sarah danced non-stop for about 3 hours. much fun. then we went on a late night wild poutine chase, to no avail. home to sleep.

sunday we woke up and went for brunch at a great restaurant called la sala rosa, a local hipster space that used to be (or still is - it's hard to tell) the spanish cultural center. it's a hall and a restaurant and a place to play cards or to put on a show for 300 people. and they have great food and mucho stylo. about 12 of us were there, maybe more. much huevos rancheros was consumed. most went from there to 'puces pop', an alterna-crafts fair set up as part of pop montreal. there are many cool things there. many many. posters and t-shirts were bought. jam was purchased.

sunday nite monster, prof, and i went to a screening of a movie about a little-known 90 year old jazz musician named gordon thomas. after the movie he played a little set. he's a beautiful man and the movie was quite cute. he admonished us all to use what talent we are given, out of fairness to others, ourselves, and whoever gave us that talent. he was inspirational.

then we had a little informal screening of the short films our various little production teams have made, including some great sketch comedy, profiles of fancy-parkers, and some gems from the autovaudeville vault. laughter was laughed.

today professor u and i had a meeting with a film board guy to pick his brain, and we all went for nice breakfast after. cool bagels, cool tapes. we came home and had a meeting about distro etc, and then i fell asleep for about five hours. tonight we're headed out to a show featuring a 90 year old jewish musical comedian, an accordian playing rapper named so-called, and some electronic genius (robot brain?) named gonzales.

and tomorrow, who knows? montreal es, 'ow you say, radicale! bonsoir!

ps. we will post some pix of our exploits soon.




Blogger Blondie said...

Enjoy Montreal while you are here. It sounds like you and your friends are SUPER Montrealers and that this is your long lost city. Have Fun.


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