People Keep Giving Us Things

And we love it! At the Boston screening, a lovely and charming person presented us with a handmade art-tie, silkscreened with the words "porn star." I love it. We've been taking turns wearing it.

Want one of your own? Check out her website at www.truthserum.org.



Anonymous aliza the tie maker said...

hey! that was me. aliza shapiro that gave you the tie. i totally enjoyed talking with you folks and i'm so happy to see the tie is getting or was getting good use.

i wonder how the other dates went on our tour, considering some of our sidewalk conversation...

anyway! i'll be in vancouver march 9 and 10. i'd love to see you guys out at the shows i am organzing. please email me at aliza @ truthserum.org and i'll send you the info!

9:53 PM  

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