thank you montreal

thanks so much to everyone who helped to make last nite such a great success - the venerable FilmPop organizers, our radical and super-smart audience, all the great bands, the folks at theatre national (what a beautiful place!), and anyone i might have left out. we love you montreal!



Anonymous Alain said...

Hey! evpc,
i'm french-canadian from Montreal.
I was at your last night's screening.
well done! congrats! fabulous artwork of your own lives!
you created a tidal wave of social re-questionning!
this collective, consensus approach is so profound, evolutionary-revolutionary and, most important of all, practical!, as you display the natural bliss of true self-evolution!!
...it should evolve into a Ph.D. thesis to help reform today's mainstream, forced-established decision-making!
i have to go! i'll be back!

12:01 PM  
Blogger muffy larue said...

darlings! congratulations on the excellent screening in montreal! i so wish i could be there....

business in calgary is chugging along, and tomorrow we leave for edmonton. i guess i'm on my own tour -- with the motel's movie channel instead of film festivals, and myself as audience to my musings on prairie grandeur.

meanwhile my handsome giant sleeps in what can only be described as a shockingly tiny ball given his size, (he's so limby. he sleeps curled up like a dead spider) and i find myself wondering why calgary has a navel museum.

like, a pretty good one.

has the navy even been here? ever? how did they get here?

12:18 PM  
Blogger muffy larue said...

oops. naval museum. naval.

although a House of Belly Buttons would be interesting, too.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Ainsleyfish said...

i'm so totally jealous of all of you evpc hipsters. i wish i could be travelling and spreading ideas and getting crushed on my random lovely people. instead i'm massaging like crazy and teaching (really quite good) yoga classes. i have to start taping it all and then haa haa i'll make a little movie and be on the cover of magazines in large canadian cities!
love you all.

ps. can i borrow your video camera for my new film intitled "a story of the avpc, the ainsley's voluptuous and pliable collective - large breasted bendy women unite!"

3:48 PM  
Anonymous crystal precious said...

Hey hotties,

THANK GOD you're sassing up Montreal eastvan styles...

I love you and am thinking of you... love the blog. Let me know if there's anything you need back home. I'm your bitch.


2:18 AM  

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