things to know about baltimore, maryland:

1. don't ask cab drivers to estimate the fare.
we thought this was a normal thing to ask, just to know if we would have enough cash. we were told this was "a complicated question".

2. go to red emma's
the infoshop in baltimore has a really nice sign, good food, and a suprisingly diverse bunch of people hanging out inside. also, this was another case of an infoshop surprising us with the quality of projection and sound in a little place. red emma's collective is a really nice bunch of people and be a very functional collective. (it's true!)

3. they have the strangest public art of all time
there are a lot of monuments and statues in "charm city", but by far the strangest is the massive figure in front of the train station. todd described it as a "barry manilow song come to life". it's a 50 foot tall translucent white person who looks male from one angle and female from another. its chest glows with two lights that slowly alternate between pink and purple. to me it says: "i am a robot. feel me."

4. you are being watched.
after the screening we were invited to go drink on the roof of one of the collective members houses. she lives in an amazing warehouse space, and when we climbed out onto the roof we could see the robot statue and most of downtown. we had a great time eating sunflower seeds and drinking "nattybo" (i.e. national bohemian: "the best shitty beer you'll ever have"). we got to meet finny the felater, a lovely little dog that likes the bigger dog a lot. then, all of a sudden our littel roof party was brightly illumnated, just for a second. turns out that every night, the baltimore police tour the city in a helicopter, like a bruce willis movie, shining this beam of light at people on the streets. i think it's meant to have some sort of deterrent effect. i found it alarming.

5. people are total sweethearts
thanks a ton to red emmas and to andrew for taking us in at the last minute. we'll miss you guys.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

who's todd?

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Rob Carlson said...

When you get back to the ground level you spot all the surveillance cameras.

Suzy likes to call the Penn Station robot statue the "She Male."

8:04 PM  

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