washington DC, it's paradise to me...

I went on a lone mission to DC, and the screening was amazing. we played at Brian Mackenzie, an infoshop in NW, and the turn-out and response certainly surpassed my expectations. thanks to lelia and the rest of the volunteers at brian mackenzie, and also a big thanks out to the audience with their suuport and thoughtful questions. i've been staying with my buddie charlotte, who was a fellow survivor of my MA program at the University of Manchester. She's shown me the DC sights and also been incredibly supportive of the film - despite the fact that she calls me a naive socialist and i call her a capitalist pig. what can i say, good arguments rock.
DC has been great, and i'm stoked the movie made it out here. i'm meeting the rest of the crew in pittsburgh tomorrow, and i can't wait.

lotsa love



Anonymous Godfrey said...

Holy freakin shit!

Congrats on the head (?), and congrats on succeeding to tour with an independently made film! about consensus! and sex! You all are heroes in a variety of ways.

I would say that Vancouver seems boring after reading about your adventures, but I got a 10cm 3rd degree burn on the front of my neck the other day (I'm fine, its healing well, no permanent damage), so I guess Vancouver is actually pretty exciting. Filmmaking is definitely less hazardous than glassblowing though, even with you guys!

Well I'm deeply impressed by what you all are achieving. You young people, you give me hope for the younger generations... -sniff-...

Love, Godfrey

10:27 PM  
Blogger mr. pants said...

godfrey, you're great.

tonite in pittsburgh a woman asked me to pass along to you that should you ever choose to divulge your secret identity, she's sure curious.

hope your neck feels better! take care.

11:10 PM  

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