We Heart New York

So here's a little photo tour of the New York we've seen so far.

On Thursday, Monster & I walked around Manhattan and took in some sights. We tried to get some rush tickets for a broadway show, but it didn't work out. So we walked down to Battery Park, near the Southern tip of Manhattan, and caught an amazing show featuring some Carribean street acrobats. This guy was crazy flexible. Later in a death defying jump stunt, he got hit in the nuts and had to sit out for a bit. The show was incredible, and just before it ended, the performers gave a nice speech about staying off drugs and respecting our bodies and each other. Bravo!

Here's Monster posing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. We decided after Battery Park not to take the Staten Island Ferry, and instead to walk up to Chinatown for Dim Sum.

Before we found the Dim Sum place (umm, we were lost for a while), we stopped in Chinatown under the Manhattan Bridge to get my shoes fixed by this nice lady with an old hand operated sewing machine. She did an amazing job for 5 bucks, and made my shoes work again! Supercool. Chinatown is HUGE here. Think Kits, but with more roast duck.

So after Chinatown, we caught up with J.D. and our friend Daniel Maté, and went to a show called Desert Sands, about an Israeli soldier and a rural Palestinian who become friends in the desert. I think we had mixed reviews, but we all agreed it was handled fairly well for such a powerful topic. Then we went for fettucine in the Lower East Side, and went home to sleep.

Here's some pigeons roosting on a lion's face. How brave.

So Thursday we did some more walking around. We went hat shopping, and I found my hot new look. It's camoflage for the grapefruit jungles of Florida, I think. I'm totally Beyoncé.

Later, before our screening, Monster, JD and I met up with PU and his friends Bernadette and Amanda at a bar near the venue for happy hour (every 2nd drink was free!). They are lovely lovely people. This is Bern and Amanda with PU getting their tickets at the venue.

Our screening took place at the Anthology Film Archives, a cool venue that programs a lot of films that just don't seem to fit anywhere else. The screening went well (it filled up quite a lot more than this picture lets on), and the Q&A after was pretty short and sweet. It was kind of a bummer for me to think that this is the end of our tour (except for JD's trip to Guelph next week), and I was a bit sad afterward as we walked with some friends to hang out at a local bar/restaurant around the corner. I perked up though, and JD and I got wrapped up in a pretty cool conversation with some New Yorkers contrasting Canadian and American politics.

Later Monster and I went dancing at the Bulgarian Cultural Center. It was amazing. They played great music - a combination of Eastern European traditional music, Rai and gypsy-punk, and 80's Euro-pop. Everyone in the whole place was dancing, even if they were just standing around - you couldn't help it. We came home a sweaty, happy mess.

Today has been a bit rainy, so we've spent some time blogging and napping and hanging around with Steph, one of our lovely hosts. We had brunch with Lila from High Life, and later tonight we're going out somewhere, possibly a spot called the Russian Vodka Room, where they serve homemade vodka by the pitcher. Sounds like fun.

Hope you're all doing well. We're all coming home pretty soon, like Wednesday or Thursday or something. See you then!



Blogger cobber said...

cant wait to see you!!!

10:28 PM  
Anonymous ainsleyfish said...

i'm excited that you are coming back home. i'm also excited about the bendy man on the sticks. see you soon. xo ains

2:48 PM  

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