The End?

Well, I guess this is the end of the road for our tour. We're all back safe and sound, and while we've got a moment now to relax a bit, there's plenty coming up to keep us more than busy. Thanks so much to everyone who helped us out along the way, and to everyone who kept up with our travels. We're amazed at the kindness of you people. We really are.

So ya, thanks. Keep in touch!


Blogger Spitz said...

hey kids,
I'm really trying to put together a 'made in secret' themed show for my podcast, cleverLazy and I'm having a bit of trouble reaching the musicians.
can you get back to me as soon as you see this? I'm on a bit of a deadline and I'd like to get this done by Saturday and put it up on cleverLazy ASAP!
come & visit & listen to past podcasts if you want a sense of the show .. just click on the titles that say things like 'podcast 3' etc ..

9:52 PM  

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